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This may be the program for you if you want to start a business—but it’s an equally strong choice for those interested in leadership or a technical discipline like sustainability, supply chains, operations, analytics, strategy or talent management. 

Career opportunities
Graduates of this program have gone into work in consulting, HR, product management, auditing, sustainability operations, supply-chain operations, software development and more. The highly customizable nature of this area of emphasis helps graduates stand out as they seek early-career opportunities.

f you’re a founder, Leeds and the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship have the resources to help you pursue that passion. But entrepreneurship is not starting a business. It’s a way of looking at the world—an ability to see creative solutions to problems, to connect with people to understand their pain points, to build on the fly while shaping innovations in ways that benefit people and society. It’s a talent you can use as a founder or in the Fortune 500. 

In this program, you learn that entrepreneurial approach to business and apply it in solving problems unique to your career interests. This ensures you graduate able to work effectively in team settings, navigate complex organizations and advocate for your innovative ideas—and your value as a professional. To help you further define your professional ambitions, you complete a specialized track that gives you deeper industry exposure, preparing you to work in the field of your choice. Available tracks include the below.

Information Management and Analytics
Operations Management
Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Talent Management