CESR Impact Internship Program

Looking for an impactful internship or a talented intern who’s ready to change the world? Learn about the programs below.

This year-round program connects mission-driven business students with opportunities in sustainable and socially responsible companies. We facilitate the recruiting process for natural products companies, B Corps, and other companies whose missions go beyond profit. Our team provides training and support for companies and students through workshops, networking nights and panels throughout the year. For more information on these events, visit CESR's events page.

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Program Details

  • To better serve companies and students, we now post internships as we receive them throughout the year, including internships that take place during the school year and the summer. 
  • All internships are posted on Handshake. Students can find them by searching "CESR Impact Internship Program."
  • All internships submitted through the Impact Internship Program must meet or exceed wage requirements
    • $14.83/hour for undergraduate students* 
    • $18/hour for graduate students
  • Last at least 12 weeks at 10-40 hours/week

1. This is the living wage in Boulder County, based on the MIT Living Wage Calculator.

2. Paying interns a living wage allows students from all backgrounds to benefit from career-relevant work experience. We are proud to partner with a business community that recognizes intern pay as an important equity issue.

3. Paying a living wage represents a small additional cost compared to paying minimum wage, see our calculation:

Chart of living wages for internships based on 10, 20, 30 and 40 hours per week detailing living wages and minimum wages

4. Research shows that, among other benefits, paying a living wage contributes to motivating employees to work harder, attracts more capable workers, improves performance, reduces absenteeism and disciplinary problems, and reduces need to monitor employees (Wolfers, Justin, and Jan Zilinsky. Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity. Peterson Institute for International Economics, 10 Sept. 2018).