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Conscious Capitalism Conference

Colorado Shared Ownership Summit

November 7, 2018 in Boulder, Colorado

How would work be different if a company’s profits went back to its value creators? Perhaps employees would earn higher wages, receive better health care or get more time off. Employees and managers would have aligned incentives and be better positioned to collaborate on innovative ideas.

More businesses than you might expect operate this way today. Come connect with local employee-owned companies at the Conscious Capitalism Conference: Colorado Shared Ownership Summit.

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Spanish interpretation services will be available thanks to Community Language Cooperative.

The Colorado Shared Ownership Summit will be a coming-together for the Colorado co-op, credit union, and ESOP sectors. As part of the Conscious Capitalism Conference series at the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility in CU’s Leeds School of Business, in partnership with the College of Media, Communication and Information, the summit will be one-day event in November 2018, showcasing the strength and diversity of shared ownership models in the state, from farmer co-ops to online platforms. It will be a chance for leaders in these businesses to come together, learn from each other, connect with students, and work together to support the next generation of community-ownership entrepreneurs.

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