Cisco AnyConnect is an application that you can install and use to have a secure on-campus network connection when you are away from campus or on UCB Wireless.


Getting Started with Cisco AnyConnect

Installation requires admin privileges on your computer.

  1. Go to OIT.Colorado.Edu/VPN.
  2. In the left column, click on the download for your operating system.
  3. Log in with your IdentiKey and password.
  4. The client should automatically start downloading.  Launch and install.


Each time you need a VPN connection, open the Cisco AnyConnect application.

  1. Open Cisco AnyConnect and in the server field, type in
  2. Click Connect and enter your Identikey and Password.
  3. You are now connected and can access resources.  Be sure to sign out when done.

About the VPN Connection

With a standard connection through AnyConnect, all your network traffic will be routed through CU-Boulder

You should be able to:

  • Access all library resources
  • Access file servers
  • SSH, remote desktop, CIFS, NFS
  • If you are unable to gain access to an on-campus resource with this connection, talk to the administrator of that resource. Refer them to the help information on the support page.
  • You can still access your home networked devices, like a networked printer.

Your external traffic is routed through CU-Boulder as well (like GMail and Facebook). Additionally, your IP address is located in the CU-Boulder's public IP space.

Please review the following policies: