VPN - Network Connect

Last Updated: 03/27/2014


Network Connect is an application that you can install and use to have a secure on-campus network connection when you are away from campus or on UCB Wireless.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the many issues that exist with Mac OSX and Java (which Network Connect relies on heavily), OIT is in the process of retiring Juniper's Network Connect service. The recommended VPN client is now Cisco AnyConnect Security Mobility client, for all users not utilizing the custom VPN service.

Visual showing a VPN connection using Network Connect

Getting Started with Network Connect


Custom VPN Service

If your department, group or service requires its own protected IP range, then you may request a custom VPN. A custom VPN will be established on OIT's Network Connect VPN solution. Learn more by visiting the Custom VPN Service page.

Web Interface

A simple web-based VPN connection that allows access to on-campus and off-campus resources such as the library through a web browser. Due to the reliance on Network Connect, the VPN web interface will be retired with the Network Connect service. Please visit the VPN Web Interface page to learn more.

Connecting to a Custom VPN
  • If you need to connect to a custom VPN for a particular service you will need to enter the custom URL provided to you by the service manager.
  • Learn how to connect via Network Connect.
Juniper Installer Service for Managed System
  • Juniper Service Installer
    • Who's It for?
      • Administrators with users who don't have administrative permissions to their systems who also use the Juniper Network Connect VPN client.
    • How does it work?
      • Once it has been installed on a system by a user who has administrative privileges, it allows users without administrative privileges to install and/or update the Juniper Network Connect VPN client without administrative privileges, or any other additional steps or assistance.
    • Install
      • The Juniper Service Installer must be installed on a system by a user with administrative privileges to that computer. Once that has been completed, any user will be able to install or update the Juniper VPN client components without any administrative assistance.
      • Download and install the Juniper Service Installer.