What is Leeds RAP?

  • A high-touch residential experience for first year business students.
  • A professional, academic and personal accelerator.
  • A launchpad for college success.

Residential academic programs—in which students live and study in a common housing community—help students build meaningful friendships, cultivate better study habits and become more involved on campus. The Leeds Residential Academic Program is a residential community, located in Cheyenne Arapaho Hall, comprised exclusively of first-year students who are business majors at Leeds. The Leeds RAP provides in-house, rigorous business courses in a small classroom setting, which are complemented by community building and professional development opportunities. Students in the program develop supportive relationships with classmates, peer mentors, faculty and staff, including an in-house academic advisor.

This program is part of the Leeds First-Year Experience that students can opt into after being admitted to Leeds.