Students apply to be a part of the Leeds Residential Academic Program (Leeds RAP) through the first-year housing selection process managed by University Housing at the University of Colorado.

Students must be enrolled in the Leeds School of Business in order to apply for the Leeds RAP. There is no additional selection process outside of the housing application to be a part of the Leeds RAP. Beds are available through a lottery process that is overseen by University Housing. Once students receive their housing assignment in Cheyenne Arapaho Hall, they must sign the Leeds RAP Participation Agreement. 

When applying for housing, students should select Cheyenne Arapaho Hall as the location and Leeds Residential Academic Programs as the first-choice program. For the best chance of getting into the Leeds RAP, students should choose the “Roommate(s) & Community Bath” room type, as most rooms in Cheyenne Arapaho Hall are double occupancy.

University Housing makes all decisions regarding room assignments for first-year students.  For additional information about the room assignment process, contact University Housing at 303-492-6673 or

Switching into the Leeds RAP

The housing application process can be complicated, and sometimes students aren’t assigned to their first choice when they go through the process. If you'd like to switch into the Leeds RAP, we are committed to helping you through the process. 

First, email us at to confirm your interest in switching into the Leeds RAP. We will add you to the list of students that we are advocating for in the housing change process. You must then apply for the housing change process to be considered for a spot that may have opened up in our program. Look for updates on the housing change process on the University Housing website. During the housing change process, you must request switching to the Leeds RAP in the MyCULiving portal.

After completing these steps, if you still aren’t assigned to the Leeds RAP, please follow up with us via email so we can explore additional ways of including you in the Leeds RAP community.

Please note

Fee: All residential academic programs at the CU Boulder, including the Leeds RAP, charge a participation fee. For the 2021-22 school year, it is expected that this fee will be $425 (pending approval by the Board of Regents). This is a one-time fee that is charged to the student’s account at the beginning of the academic year. The fee is nonrefundable after the first day of class.

Fee scholarships: Need-based scholarships to cover the $425 participation fee are available. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship must contact the Leeds RAP by email.

Participation agreement: Once students are placed in the Leeds RAP in Cheyenne Arapaho Hall, they must sign and return the Leeds RAP Participation Agreement.

Day scholars: Students who plan to commute to campus can also participate in the RAP through our Day Scholar Program. Day scholars experience the same benefits as their Leeds RAP peers; they just commute home at the end of each day. Contact us to learn more about the becoming a day scholar.