The Deming Center provides a variety of academic opportunities for Leeds School of Business students as well as students studying other disciplines at the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Opportunities include a major (Management w/ emphasis on Strategy and Entrepreneurship), a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, a Business Minor, and Global Experiences.

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The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies allows students to study theory and research, and enjoy opportunities to meet and learn from experienced business leaders inside and outside of the classroom; put their ideas to the test by competing in contests and challenges; accumulate practical experiences during internships, and meet students from across campus who are also entrepreneurial thinkers, doers, and changemakers.

This page discusses the Certificate awarded to business majors. The Certificate will appear on your transcript. If you are a Leeds business minor, please click here.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies will help you strengthen your entrepreneurial foundation and toolset by offering you:

  • Compelling student experiences working with a cohort of entrepreneurial students
  • Entrepreneurship students learn the qualities to be “self-starters,” disciplined workers, and capable team players who know how to find and use business information.
  • Entrepreneurship students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the elements of a business through their business plan preparation experience. These graduates are attractive job candidates in all areas of business and are capable of creating new ventures either as start-up businesses or within existing corporate structures.
  • Some entrepreneurship graduates immediately begin work on their own businesses, while others work in existing entrepreneurial enterprises. 
  • Graduates gain experience in larger businesses, learn an industry and its markets, and later find a niche to create a start-up business.

  1. Declare your intent to pursue the Certificate
  2. Meet with the Program Coordinator at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship (S350F) -
    Sam Schanfarber;; 303-492-9018
  3. Complete the three courses listed below with at least a 3.00 GPA
  4. Complete an approved internship with a startup and write a 2-3 page paper about your experience
  5. Attend eight entrepreneurship-related events on- or off-campus and provide a short write-up on each experience
  6. Pass a written capstone exam in entrepreneurship at the conclusion of your studies

ESBM 3700-3 Entrepreneurial Environments
Introduces entrepreneurship. Addresses opportunity recognition, target markets, industry analysis, business model identification, sources of funding, managing rapid growth and writing feasibility studies. Examines alternative forms of entrepreneurship such as franchising, corporate entrepreneurship, family business and social entrepreneurship.

ESBM 4830-3 Business Plan Preparation
Work as part of a small team, with the focus on the process of creating a plan from the business concept and model through all of the elements of a professionally written business plan document.

ESBM 4570-3 Entrepreneurial Finance
Focuses on the financial concepts, issues, methods and industry practices relevant to entrepreneurial decision makers. Addresses a variety of topics including financial valuation, various sources of funds, structures and legal issues in arranging financing, the private and public venture capital markets, and preparation for, and execution of, an initial public securities offering. Provides an understanding of the segments of the capital markets specializing in start-ups and growth financing.

Currently enrolled in our Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies? You can review requirements and submit your documents here!


  • You need to complete an approved 60-hour internship with a startup
  • Submit your internship for approval HERE
  • Read requirements for your final internship write-up and submit HERE


  • You must participate in the area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Attend 8 events or workshops in the Boulder/Denver area and write a short summary of your experience
  • Read requirements for write-ups and submit each HERE


You must complete a final exam after all Certificate requirements are met / before your graduate.