Applicant Requirements

Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.1 or higher, have completed all MAPS deficiencies and a minimum GPA of 3.0 average in the prerequisite courses, with at least B- in each individual course. 

Prerequisite Courses

•    ACCT 3220 Corporate Financial Reporting I ("Intermediate Accounting i")

•    ACCT 3230 Corporate Financial Reporting II ("Intermediate Accounting II")

•    ACCT 3320 Cost Management/Accounting

•    ACCT 3440 Income Taxation of Individuals

Admissions Process

Initial admission to the program will be possible as soon as all ACCT pre-requisite courses are complete. You can apply during the semester in which you will be finishing the pre-requisite courses. The Intent Application is mandatory and will enable students to enroll in the BAM courses. Students will not be able to retroactively or otherwise receive the benefits of the BAM if they fail to complete the Intent Application. Applicants must submit the following two items:

  1. Department Application - completed form to be included as attachment with the Intent Application.
  2. BAM Intent Application (see the resources block on this page)

Continuation to the Master’s Degree Program – during the student’s final semester of undergraduate career, they will apply for formal admission to continue in the accelerated Master’s degree program.  The minimum GPA requirement to continue coursework is 3.0.  International students will need approval from the International Student and Scholar Services prior to matriculation. Once admitted to the Master’s Program, students are assessed graduate tuition rates. (In-state graduate students are assessed resident graduate tuition, but do not receive COF.) In addition, graduate students receiving financial aid are considered “independent” and are no longer eligible for aid requiring undergraduate status.