Today, employers view competency in topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion, ethical leadership, and business solutions to environmental challenges as essential. For the Leeds undergraduate interested in the nexus of business and sustainability, the Social Responsibility and Ethics (SRE) Certificate is a program that blends curriculum and experiential learning.

Managed by the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility (CESR), the SRE Certificate provides students with an in-demand perspective and skillset that prepares them for the future of work and a career with impact. This certificate is a career differentiator that pairs well with any area of emphasis.


Students Attending Sustainability Panel

Students pursuing the SRE certificate acquire the following skills while at Leeds: 

  • Ability to make a business case for sustainability and knowledge of market trends  
  • Ability to communicate and influence effectively across multiple stakeholders  

  • An understanding of values-based decision-making approaches   

  • Deep understanding of social and environmental risks and opportunities  

SRE graduates have overwhelmingly indicated that the certificate helped them identify an employer whose company culture and mission aligned with their own values, and a third of our graduates directly credited the program with playing a critical role in securing their job offer.

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