CU Boulder Education Abroad offers almost 400 programs in over 70 countries, including 140 programs with business coursework. Leeds students can also fulfill non-business electives and A&S core while abroad. With advance planning, students can go abroad without delaying graduation. It’s also quite feasible for students to have more than one Global Experience! To learn more, visit the Business Education Abroad Guide or the Education Abroad general website. 

The Education Abroad Process for a Leeds Student

  1. Complete Education Abroad 101 online or in person

  2. Research program options on the CU Education Abroad website's program search page and visit the Getting Started webpage
    • Click here for a complete list of CU Education Abroad programs with business coursework
    • Click here for a searchable database of pre-approved business classes in programs around the world
  3. For help getting started, schedule a meeting with Leeds Global.
  4. Visit the CU-Boulder Education Abroad office in C4C to speak with a Education Abroad Advisor. No appointments necessary, but you should check the advising schedule if you wish to see an Advisor for a specific region
  5. Get courses reviewed with your advisor at Leeds, if the courses aren't already on the pre-approved list