This annual award presented to one member for Leeds School's award winning faculty was established by the Falkenberg family to honor Dr. Joseph L. Frascona, “who, as both inspired teacher and mentor, encouraged their intellectual development and created a profound, lasting impact on their lives.”

Bob and Martha Falkenberg are strong proponents of outstanding business education and have demonstrated their support both through commitments to the building fund and Frascona Teaching Excellence Award. As a result their deep appreciation for Professor Joseph Frascona’s dynamic teaching, Bob, his father Robert L. Falkenberg (BS ’51), and sister, Nancy Tuck (BS ’82 Finance), established the Frascona Teaching Excellence Award in 1991 in hopes that future generations of teachers at Leeds School of Business would be encouraged to inspire their students as Professor Frascona inspired them.


2023: David Drake
2022: Curtis Sears
2021: Harry Starn
2020: Shaun Davies
2019: Elizabeth Stapp
2018: Emily Edwards
2017: Daniel Brown
2016: Erick Mueller
2015: Kevin McMahon
2014: Laura Kornish
2013: Tracy Jennings
2012: Wayne Boss
2011: James Marlatt
2010: Susan Morley
2009: Donna Sockell
2008: Robert Donchez
2007: David Frederick
2006: Cathleen Burns
2005: Kai Larsen
2004: Nancy Stec-Helstad
2003: Jay Ballantine
2002: Sanjai Bhagat
2001: Ray MacFee
2000: Ed Gac
1999: Jeff Luftig
1998: Ramiro Montealegre
1997: Ray MacFee
1996: David Monarchi
1995: Jim Brancheau
1994: Nancy Ridgway
1993: Patrick Long
1992: Jakki Mohr