Innovative Research for Real-World Impact

Leeds Business Insights is a series of speaking and networking engagements featuring today’s groundbreaking research that shapes tomorrow’s workplace. Come engage with your fellow alumni and our world-renowned faculty as they each share 15-minute thought-provoking and inspirational ways their research impacts business, the workplace and daily life.



Making Research Pay

Dr. Janet Bercovitz, Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations | Denver

Academic institutions are a key player in the innovation ecosystem. Yet, for all their inventive output, the path to successful commercialization remains challenging. Many academic innovations and start-ups languish in the translational “Valley of Death” if they don’t gain backing by VCs or are not adopted by established firms.


Why Businesses Can't Just Diversify-They Need to "Inclusify"

Dr. Stefanie Johnson, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics | New York, San Francisco

The business case for diversity is simple: The most demographically balanced organizations are best positioned to deal with an evolving global economy. But diversity is not enough-employees have to feel included as well. In this talk, Dr. Johnson shows how leaders can "inclusify" their teams and maximize the benefits of diversity.


Disaster on the Horizon: The Price Effect of Sea Level Rise

Dr. Ryan Lewis, Assistant Professor of Finance | New York

If emissions are not curbed, NOAA projections indicate that over one trillion dollars of coastal residential real estate will experience daily tidal flooding by 2100.  Are homebuyers aware of sea level rise (SLR) risk and do they demand a discount for facing it? Dr. Lewis’ research finds that, all else equal, houses exposed to future SLR risk trade at a lower price today.  


Run EDGAR Run: SEC Dissemination in a High-Frequency World

Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Tisone Professor of Accounting | Denver

The SEC has a mission to protect investors – often describing a level-playing field for all as a key objective. Dr. Rogers examines the extent to which the SEC itself provides a level-playing field with fair and equal access to public company filings.


Environmental Entrepreneurship: Using the Power of Business to Address Climate Change

Dr. Jeffrey York, Associate Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations | San Francisco

We face incredibly complex environmental problems that seem to worsen every year: deforestation, species extinction, ocean acidification. All are interrelated symptoms of climate change, and business is often held to blame. Many have called for greater regulation and binding international agreements to solve these challenges. But, what if entrepreneurship could be part of the solution, instead of the cause of the problem? Professor Jeffrey York presents his research on environmental entrepreneurship as a pathway to addressing climate change and a hopeful lens for viewing our climate crisis.