Sharon Matusik teaching in front of a screen in a lecture hall.

Founders, Keepers: Leeds Research May Help Developing Countries Attract and Nurture Startups

July 8, 2021

New findings aim to empower entrepreneurs in becoming engines for emerging ecomonies. Entrepreneurs can be a very valuable asset for emerging economies striving to generate economic development, which is why many countries are interested in creating programs and entrepreneurial ecosystems to attract these individuals and their firms. But courting founders...

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What Distillers and Food Trucks Can Teach us About Authenticity

June 18, 2021

The latest Creative Distillation podcast delivers a spirited discussion on the importance of authenticity to build a credible venture using research from Food Trucks. Things don’t always resonate with everyone; however, remaining true to your ‘authentic self’ ensures a venture is following the right path. A venture is dependent on...

Alumni Spotlight: Mike McCabe - Folsom Skis

Alumni Spotlight: Mike McCabe - Folsom Skis

June 16, 2021

Meet Mike McCabe , a CU Boulder alumni and Co-founder of Folsom Skis , an influential company that manufactures fully custom, all-mountain alpine skis. Mike was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado, where skiing became a large part of his life. Mike majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at CU...

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Can Cannabis Be Useful for Creativity and Ideation?

June 7, 2021

The latest Creative Distillation podcast delivers a spirited discussion on Portland breweries and cannabis research on an entrepreneur’s ability to deliver creativity Does cannabis impact your abilities to create new ideas as an entrepreneur? In Episode 16 of the Creative Distillation research podcast hosts Brad Werner and Jeff York address...

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Navigating Uncertainty and the Entrepreneurial Hustle

May 12, 2021

The latest Creative Distillation podcast delivers a spirited discussion on Hoosier state sours and the unorthodox actions entrepreneurs take to address organizational challenges. Aggressive deadlines, emails at 4am and a sense of fearlessness. How do you make sense of the often-unnerving behaviors entrepreneurs exhibit for the success of their start-up...

Sam Stevens Peaceful Places

Student Spotlight: Sam Stevens - Peaceful Places

May 12, 2021

Meet Sam Stevens , Founder and CEO of Peaceful Places LLC , a nature-themed virtual reality app that creates experiences for relaxation and reflection. Sam is a current student at CU Boulder studying Computer Science and Creative Technology & Design. Sam developed the idea for Peaceful Places over a decade...

Visda Carson

Alumni Spotlight: Visda Carson - WAMA

May 5, 2021

Meet Visda Carson , CU Boulder Alumna, Leeds Professor, and CEO of We Are More Alike (WAMA) , a children’s book series that highlights the joy that togetherness brings. Visda has lived in Colorado for the past 40 years and is a CU Buff through and through. She attended CU...

Community Spotlight: HUG Solutions - PortaVax

Student Spotlight: HUG Solutions - PortaVax

April 28, 2021

Meet Brayden Shelley, Claire Meyer , Haocheng Yu, Erik Skooglund, and Evan Kirk . These are CU Boulder students and founders of HUG Solutions , this year’s NVC Champions ! HUG Solutions created PortaVax, a portable vaccine carrier that uses insulation and dry ice to keep mRNA vaccines cold. The...

Creative Distillation Research Podcast

Creative Distillation Podcast Celebrates Earth Day, Research and Spirited Discussions in Season 2

April 21, 2021

Since 1970, every April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement through activities and events related to Earth Day. In honor of the 51st anniversary, the Leeds School of Business and Deming Center for Entrepreneurship are announcing the second season of the Creative Distillation research...

Eddy Connors - BerBeda

Student Spotlight: Eddy Connors - BerBeda

April 21, 2021

Meet Eddy Connors, a Sophomore in the Leeds School of Business and Founder and CEO of BerBeda ! Eddy grew up in Bronxville, New York, and decided to take a gap year after high school graduation to explore the world and find out what he wanted for his future. Following...