The Leeds School of Business expects the highest level of professionalism from all students, alumni, and employers in every stage of the job or internship search. This includes professionalism as it relates to interviewing and negotiating, and also includes not reneging on a job you have accepted. Accepting a new job offer, after you have already accepted an offer with another employer, is defined as ‘reneging’ and is one of the most serious professional offenses in the job search process. Reneging is considered dishonest and unethical and carries serious implications. It not only reflects poorly on you but potentially damages Leeds’ reputation and our relationships with employers. Reneging for any reason (change of mind, multiple offers, etc.) not only causes problems for the employer in the short-run, but it can also have long-term implications for your own career progression and personal brand with other recruiters. In the world of social media, word travels fast across recruiting networks and can have long-term impacts on your future opportunities. We have advised employers that recruit on campus and from the Leeds School of Business to give students an adequate amount of time to make decisions and to avoid “exploding bonuses”. If you are feeling pressure to accept offers before you are ready, please consult with your Career Coach or the Career Development Office on communicating with employers.

The consequences for reneging on an offer include a letter being placed into your permanent file at Leeds and an immediate block from Handshake and all events sponsored by Leeds Career Development. Additionally, if the reason you reneged on your offer was to accept another offer, Leeds will notify our contacts at both employers of the situation.  

Students are required to send an apology letter to the company that they reneged on and forward a copy of that email to If the apology is not sent within 7 days of receiving this notice, additional consequences such as a disciplinary meeting with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs may occur.

However, if a student receives an offer (job or internship) more than 12 months in advance of the position starting, this policy does not apply. We understand that students have life changes and a commitment of this length is difficult. We also want to ensure that our students are being given adequate time to make decisions on their offers. If a student is required to sign an offer letter prior to October 31st for a start date the following summer, this policy does not apply as well. 

Please contact the Leeds Career Development Office with any questions.