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Undergraduate students in the Leeds School of Business all earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This is the official major for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to develop expertise in one of 5 Areas of Emphasis within this degree: Accounting, Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Real Estate.

You can find academic policies for Leeds School of Business by visiting our Academic Advising academic requirements page.

You can find the most current Four-Year Plans that outline the required course work for Leeds School of Business undergraduate programs by visiting our Academic Advising Four-Year Plan's page.

Following is an abbreviated summary of the requirements for your degree from the 2019-2020 AY University Catalog.

Total Credits

In order to receive their degree, students must earn a minimum of 120 acceptable semester hours of credit, from the following categories:

  • Business core
  • Business area of emphasis requirements
  • Business electives
  • General education nonbusiness requirements (Arts and Sciences core or Gen Ed)
  • Nonbusiness electives

Current students should refer to their Academic Progress Sheet or online degree audit to determine the number of hours required in each category. These numbers depend on curriculum requirements at the time the business degree was started as well as any exceptions made based on transfer or Study Abroad credit.

The school reserves the right to disallow any credit that it determines is not appropriate academic credit.

Business Core Requirements

The business core consists of integrated coursework through which students will develop key skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, while learning fundamentals of business and working on live cases.

Contact undergraduate student services for more information about the business core.

Area of Emphasis

Students must choose an area of emphasis in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship and Real Estate. Areas of emphasis consist of 18 semester hours beyond any business core courses.

Business Electives

Students may take 16 semester hours of business electives, depending on the semester they began their degree program.

Any course offered by business may count as a business elective, but you are still responsible for any prerequisites that apply to the course. Business courses required for areas of application are included in business electives. Business courses required by specific areas in excess of the 18 hours listed under Area of emphasis are included in business electives. There is not one place where you can view a complete list of Business electives. When searching the catalog or registration system, you may take any course with the following prefixes as a business elective: ACCT, BADM, BSLW, ESBM, FNCE, INBU, MGMT, MKTG, REAL, and OPIM. You may also take Business electives while on Study Abroad with pre-approval from an advisor.

Arts & Sciences Core or Business General Education Requirements

Students must take 33-39 hours of specific courses from the Arts and Science Core or Business General Education Requirements.

Non-Business Electives

Students may take 17-23 semester Hours of non-business electives, depending on when they began the degree program.

Please refer to your Academic Progress Sheet to determine the number of hours you are required to take. Not all classes are accepted as elective credits. Generally, to be acceptable, electives must have a form of assessment such as a term paper and/or examinations, and must be regular classroom-type courses. Course coverage must be school-level, must not be repetitious of other work applied toward the degree, must be academic as opposed to vocational or technical, and must be part of the regular university offerings.

Specifically, the school will accept:

  • MAPS courses devoted to satisfying Minimum Academic Preparation Standards may also be used to satisfy either non-business requirements or non-business electives.
  • ROTC courses can count as non-business electives.