The Undergraduate Program enhances the educational experience of Leeds School students by developing a strong culture of high academic expectations, student engagement, and preparedness for success in business practice.

To achieve these goals, set forth in the school’s five year strategic plan, the program has recruited highly qualified faculty, developed student executive mentoring programs, expanded its internship programs, and focused on experiential learning.

The program actively works to build a strong culture of success at the Leeds School by following a three-step process. First, the program gathers information to gauge where the Leeds School stands relative to internal goals and other peer business programs. Students offer input via surveys, town hall meetings, one-on-one interviews and discussions.

The program then uses data to provide direction for improvement. Based on student and faculty feedback, the Leeds School is developing a Student Portfolio Program to encourage all undergraduates to participate in professional/career development activities such as internships, student clubs, and community service. Business education should not be one-dimensional and the Student Portfolio Program will prepare students, both professionally and personally, for success in the workplace. The third stop in the process is to track the results to guide future improvements.

U.S. News and World Report and other sources have continually ranked the undergraduate business program among the top national public universities. Learn more about Leeds School of Business rankings and national recognition here. By sustaining its commitment to the strategic plan, the school will continue to improve the quality of a Leeds education and, in turn, its national reputation.

You can find academic policies for Leeds School of Business by visiting our Academic Advising academic requirements page.

You can find the most current Four-Year Plans that outline the required course work for Leeds School of Business undergraduate programs by visiting our Academic Advising Four-Year Plan's page.