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Discover actionable and effective DEI strategies for leaders this summer through the Certificate in Inclusive Leadership from the Leeds School of Business.

Inclusive Leaderhip HeaderThis summer, the Leeds School of Business is launching a new executive education program that translates the latest research on the importance of diversity and inclusion in corporate settings into an active learning experience for business leaders. The Certificate in Inclusive Leadership is a seven week program led by Leeds faculty Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, author of the best-selling book “Inclusify: the Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams.” Participants will learn how to actively support diverse employees, and develop practical strategies for leading dynamic teams. 

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As a scholar of organizational leadership, Dr. Johnson wrote Inclusify to help business people learn how to intentionally and actively create an inclusive workplace. After interviewing hundreds of CEOs and leaders to learn how they approach inclusion, Dr. Johnson has identified common patterns and mistakes, and has a vision for what Inclusify work looks like and why it matters. She believes that leaders need to think about the two most basic and essential human needs: to belong and be accepted, and to have your own personal identity. She argues that those who are able to balance both have the most successful teams and contribute to the best organizational outcomes. 


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Dr Stefanie Johnson and her book Inclusify


We all want to feel like we belong and are part of the group, but at the same time, it’s part of the human spirit to be your unique self.

Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson

In the Certificate in Inclusive Leadership course, Dr. Johnson focuses on four behaviors that leaders can practice to help people feel like they fit in, and four that allow employees to feel they are valued because of their unique identity. She will guide participants in understanding ways leaders can go wrong. These include not creating belonging or not allowing people to be their unique selves, as well as relying on teams to behave equitably without clear leadership. Participants will develop an understanding of their leadership syles, and identify their own inclusify strengths. 

The business case for inclusive leadership

Dr. Johnson’s course also covers the business case for building a strong culture of inclusion. She has researched how inclusive teams help businesses reach new target markets, improve innovation and decision making, and support an understanding of market potential. The class will consider specific examples, such as how the number of board members of color relates to the bottom line and shows up in things like a company's stock prices and return on assets. The course will also look at how Gen Z’s demographics influences their spending and how a company’s inclusivity practices impact brand loyalty.


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The leaders of today and those of the future need to be able to engage and empower 100% of their team members. This means that inclusive leadership skills are a must. In this course, we will break it down to invest in leaders’ strengths and improve their skills in their areas of opportunity.

Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson

Catalyze your career

By the end of this course, participants will have a clear plan for change. They will understand how to set diversity goals that make a difference, where they can start implementing more inclusive practices at work, and how to put metrics behind their actions. They will also have a clear understanding of how inclusion impacts the bottom line. 

If you believe that diversity is integral to your company’s future, this class will teach you how to build effective, diverse teams. 

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