Information for Plenary Presenters and Discussants

We are looking forward to hearing about your research at our conference.

1. When you come to registration (1:00 to 2:00 on Sunday, May 21st) we will have a separate desk for you and other presenters to copy your presentation from your memory stick onto our computers so we have files set up for each session.  Please show up by 1:15 PM to be sure we have time for this.  Our IT folks will test your presentation to be sure that it looks right on our computers.

2. Each plenary session runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes, with two papers (25 minutes each) and a discussant (10 minutes), followed by 15 minutes of discussion.  This allocated time per speaker includes time for (very brief) intros, plus the time for each presenter to get up and down from the stage, fiddle with PowerPoint, etc. Thus, realistically, paper presenters should plan for a 22-minute talk uninterrupted and discussants for 8 minutes of remarks, uninterrupted. The fifteen-minute discussion period is just as important as the presentations, in our view and so we are ruthless (!!) at this conference about staying on time. Discussants, at this conference we have a very broad audience, so the discussant’s critical role is to surface high level takeaways rather than to do a technical drill-down (or negative critique). In the discussion period, it is not necessary for all three people on the stage to respond to each question. We want as many audience members as possible to get a chance to ask their questions.

3. Some of you have font sizes on your slides that are difficult to read from the back of the room. It would be great if you would review your slides and make changes with that in mind. In general, we would like your font sizes to be at least 24-point in all probability.

Information for Poster Presenters

We are looking forward to having you kick off our conference with the poster session on Sunday, May 21st from 4:35 to 6:30. It will immediately follow the opening keynote and panel discussion.

The poster session will be located where people can get a glass of wine and stroll from poster to poster to learn about your very interesting work.

Each of you will have a space that is 46 inches wide by 48 inches high (116.8 cm. wide x 121.9 cm high).  The brackets on either side of each poster take a little real estate, giving you a rectangle rather than a square.  We will have a time for you to set up your poster in the packet pickup hour before the conference starts (1:00 to 2:00 PM). Please come at 1:00 so you’ll have plenty of time to set up your poster before we start the conference.

Some people may choose to have a 1-page sheet to distribute to people visiting your poster as a takeaway.