Partner and Alumni Stories

Derek Thomas, manager of corporate partnerships and Andy Gorchov, general manager of Sports Authority Field, discuss their relationship with Business of Sports. Two former BOS students, Melissa Anderson and Tim Lawson, talk about how the program helped them land jobs with the Denver Broncos.

Business of Sports Alumni Testimonials

"BOS was an incredible way to spend a summer! Having the opportunity to work on a project for a firm within the industry is experience you won't get anywhere else. The program brings in so many speakers from various aspects of the industry and really allows you to build a network and gain a wealth of knowledge."
—Tate F., BOS 2019

"BOS was an unforgettable experience for me. While always having a desire to work in the sports industry, I have not felt as confident in my skills and experience as I do now from what I learned in BOS. I believe BOS is perfect for anyone wanting to work in sports, as the program teaches you what it takes to be a professional all while having a blast along the way!"
—Adam N., BOS 2019

“BOS went above and beyond my expectations. When they say you become a family they weren’t kidding. I am taking on 3 different jobs this semester all stemming from the networking I gained from this experience and I still receive potential open opportunities because it’s something that doesn’t end when the program does. I couldn’t ask for a better director- Jessica is constantly reaching out, staying in touch, and working to help me get the place I want to be in the sports industry. 110% would recommend this program to anyone passionate about getting involved in the sports world!” 
—Candice W., BOS 2018

“I knew I wanted to be in the BOS program right away my freshman year, which made it agonizing having to wait two years until I was eligible to. Luckily, the wait was worth it and then some because was easily the most fulfilling experience I’ve had at CU yet. This program helps you become a better version of yourself and builds so many new bridges that I didn’t think were possible. Jessica works incredibly hard to help her students develop professionally and meet many industry professionals in a variety of different aspects of sports. If you have any interest in working in sports, this is 100% the best program you can be in at CU.”
—Scott B., BOS 2018

“Not only has BOS given me friends for life, it has given me the tools to succeed in the work force. It has expanded my network beyond what I could’ve expected, which led to endless connections. So take the plunge and join the family, you won’t regret it!” 
—Juliet M., BOS 2018

“Not only was it the most relevant course I have ever taken, but it was also the most interesting and fun. This program is great for getting your foot in the door to the sports business world through the connections that can be made with industry professionals, as well as the classmates that turn into lifelong friends. As a former football player at CU, I made more connections in the BOS program that will help me achieve my goals in the sports industry than I did during my time as a student athlete. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has any desire to work in the sports industry.”
—Danny G., BOS 2017

“BOS was such a great experience!  I was able to get a sample of what life would be like in a variety of different positions within the sports industry, network with leading professionals, improve my research and critical thinking skills through the team project, learn how to pitch our research to company executives in a professional setting, as well as learn how to work as part of a team and meet deadlines to reach our end goal. I have been to various states and have met numerous people who know Jessica and/or some of the speakers that I networked with during the program.  Everyone I have encountered has thought extremely highly of the program and having it on my resume is not only a conversation starter, but also something that I know will open many doors for me throughout my career!”
—Courtney R., BOS 2017

“Business of Sports is the most unique classroom experience I've ever had. The industry professionals that you connect with really help you understand the business side of sports and the relationships that you form in the classroom make you excited to go to class every day. While the workload is pretty intense and fast paced, BOS gives you the best resources and knowledge to have an an advantage in pursuing jobs in sports.”
—Logan H., BOS 2017

"As a parent, I was so pleased to see my son really find his career passion through the Business of Sports Program at the Leeds School of Business. He was thoroughly engaged and took advantage of all the networking opportunities available through the program. What a great hands-on program for students wanting to learn the business-side of sports."
—Amy C. W., Parent