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Congratulations SRE Graduates!

This year, we are proud to announce that 42 students have graduated with the Social Responsibility and Ethics (SRE) Certificate in the class of 2019. This is the largest-ever class of graduates in our program. The SRE Certificate program continues to grow from year to year as the next generation begins to push for more sustainable and socially responsible business practices, and the business world takes note. As of graduation, 80% of SRE Certificate students already have jobs or have been accepted to graduate programs.

“The SRE Certificate is essential to our students’ business education because it informs their actions as they enter the business world,” says Sara Neuner, CESR Student Program Coordinator. “It provides a strong foundation for their values and showcases their commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics as well as their competence within this space.”

Student Experiences

As more students join the program, we gain a deeper understanding of what the SRE certificate means to them. Recent grads Phoebe Kluck, Christian DiSolvo and Hayley Chambless proclaim that this certificate was a vital component in their education at the Leeds School of Business.

CESR BlogPhoebe Kluck has always had a passion for social responsibility. The SRE Certificate Program gave her business degree a true purpose. After graduating, she intends to enter the nonprofit sector, where she will “...dedicate [her] life to empowering individuals who have backgrounds and capabilities that are different from [her] own.” With a deep understanding of the world’s social issues and the business skills necessary to make a change, Phoebe seeks to make a global impact in her career. Phoebe will be continuing her education at the London School of Economics in the fall in pursuit of this dream.







CESR BlogChristian DiSalvo, on the other hand, explains that he has not always stood firm in the values he holds today. Initially, he entered the SRE Certificate Program merely because it fit in his four-year course schedule. At the time, he says, he had no idea “... how profound the impact of this program would be on me. The courses I studied and experiential learning I had while pursuing my SRE Certificate will forever shape my outlook on the world,” he says. After his decision to obtain this certificate, Christian became heavily involved in the student organization, CESR Fellows. As the Director of Finance for CESR Fellows, not only has Christian become very engaged, but he has engaged many others as well. He leads the Carbon Neutrality Committee within CESR Fellows, and after graduating, he will work in carbon accounting here at the University of Colorado Boulder.





CESR BlogFor others like Hayley Chambless, a passion for social responsibility, ethics and sustainability combined with a study in business did not seem initially feasible, given the stereotypical depiction of corporate America. Many, like Hayley, believed it to be a mutually exclusive decision. Through the SRE Certificate program, however, she “...realized that I could combine my passions for business and social issues through learning about corporate social responsibility and seeking opportunities within companies that prioritize it,” Hayley says. Through the experiential learning component, which she completed in India, Hayley has become more mindful of the impacts of her choices on others and her surroundings. This experiential learning requirement is intended to give students exposure to environments with higher standards, encouraging the combination of business and social responsibility to better everyone.





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