Congratulations Seniors! Please be sure to read the important information below regarding your final semester at Leeds and how to prepare for graduation and the graduation ceremonies.

“Graduation” refers to the award of a degree upon confirmation that all major and minor requirements are complete. “Graduation” is always associated with the completion of a spring, summer or fall term. Degree requirements are not reviewed or confirmed until grades are official for the term. The graduation ceremony refers to the event that celebrates graduation. Regardless whether you participate in the graduation ceremony or not, you must apply for graduation to receive your diploma.

Download the Leeds School of Business Graduation Checklist here and contact your advisor if you have any questions.

Check Your Degree Audit

After registering for your last semester, or if you modify your last semester courses, wait 10 minutes to run a new degree audit. Your entire degree audit should be green and blue, indicating that your last semester of courses will complete your degree requirements. If you see any red, immediately reach out to your academic advisor or a peer advisor.  

  • Do you have an "I" in your degree audit?

    This means you have an incomplete. You must complete your coursework before the end of the semester so your professor has a couple of weeks to process and post your final grade before the degree certification deadline.

  • Are you transferring credits from another institution to fulfill missing degree requirements?

    As soon as your official grade is posted, please submit your official electronic transcript to the University of Colorado Boulder Office of Admissions (or On the following day, please email with your 9 digit student ID # to confirm your official transcript  has been received and respectfully ask the TCHELP staff to process your transfer credits in a timely manner so you can meet the degree certification deadline. It is your responsibility to follow up and confirm those credits are reflected in your degree audit.

    ​The deadlines to submit your transfer credits via official transcripts are the following:

    • May 15 for Spring Graduation
    • August 15 for Summer Graduation
    • December 15 for Fall Graduation
  • Is your academic plan correct in your degree audit?

    Please confirm your business emphasis area(s), major(s) and minor(s) are correct in your degree audit. If you are pursuing a major or minor outside of Leeds, please make sure it is reflected in your degree audit and contact the appropriate department to confirm you are on track with the requirements.

    If you are no longer pursuing another major, emphasis area, or minor that you have previously declared, please contact the appropriate department and take the responsibility to confirm the program is removed from your academic plan.

    Even though certificate completion will not impact your graduation, please confirm you have completed all the certificate requirements with the certificate manager.

Apply for Graduation in Buff Portal

Please refer to the Registrar’s website for details on applying for graduation.
Applying for graduation in Buff Portal by the published deadline notify your academic advisor that you wish to be considered for degree certification and add your name to the Leeds and campus-wide commencement programs. The deadline to apply for graduation are: 

  • November 1 of the same year for Fall graduation
  • April 1 of the same year for Spring and Summer graduation (Please note: If you are finishing your last degree requirement during Maymester, you will need to apply for Summer graduation.)

BAM Students Only: The deadlines for Accounting BAM students to apply to graduate with the bachelor’s degree are much earlier. Please refer to the BAM website.

Graduation Ceremonies Explained

There are two graduation ceremonies. You may choose to participate in either one or both.

  • Leeds Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony: Leeds holds a ceremony where each student is individually recognized only in May. Spring, summer and fall graduates will celebrate together in the Spring Graduation Ceremony. The summer graduates are automatically included in the spring graduation program. The fall graduates are automatically included in the following Spring graduation program. If you are a fall graduate but would like to participate in the previous spring graduation ceremony, please let your advisor know. Download the Graduation Ceremonies Explained and refer to the Leeds Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony website for further details.
  • CU Boulder Commencement Ceremony: CU Boulder holds a campus-wide commencement ceremony only in May. Please refer to CU Boulder Commencement website for details. Fall graduates are automatically included in the Spring Ceremony for the following year.



A: Please apply for the term in which you complete your final credits. For example, if you are taking any summer class to complete your degree requirements, you need to apply for Summer graduation. Summer graduates are automatically included in the Spring commencement ceremonies.

A: This notifies the Leeds School of Business that you wish to be considered for degree certification once grades are official.

A: No. If you have completed two business emphasis areas, such as Finance & Accounting, or Operation Management & Business Analytics, you only need to apply for graduation once for your business degree.

A: Yes. If you have completed another major in addition to your business major, such as Economics, Computer Science or Psychology, you will need to apply for graduation for each major. You must complete all the requirements for both majors to have your degree certified.

A: As soon as the official grade is posted, please immediately submit your official transcript to CU Boulder Admissions ( and email with your nine-digit student ID # to respectfully confirm that your transcript has been received.

A: You must complete all your courses to graduate.

A: Please follow the instructions on the Registrar’s website.

There is no December commencement ceremony on campus or at the Leeds School of Business. 

A: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

A: The diplomas are mailed approximately two months after degree certification. Please see details on the Registrar’s website.

A:  To graduate with Distinction: 3.75 to 3.899 cumulative GPA; to graduate with High Distinction: 3.90 to 4.00

A: No, but you must have your minor declared and reflected in your degree audit.

A: No. Students must complete all the requirements for the declared second major or minor to graduate.