Published: April 25, 2023

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The bachelor’s accelerated master’s (BAM) program in Accounting or Taxation allows current CU undergraduate finance and accounting students to complete their bachelors and masters degrees in four-and-a-half to five years at a reduced tuition rate. Here’s a deeper dive into the value of this accelerated program.

Who is the BAM program in Accounting designed for? 

The BAM program is designed for current Leeds Undergraduate students who are studying finance, accounting, or both as their area of emphasis. The program allows undergraduate students to take masters level courses while they are still working on completing their undergraduate degree. For students who are planning on getting an MS in Accounting or MS in Taxation, the BAM program allows them to minimize the time that they are in school and save tuition dollars. Instead of a traditional two-year master’s program, students in the BAM program will be able to graduate with their masters within a year after finishing their undergraduate degrees. 

How does the BAM program in Accounting work? 

Students in the BAM program will be able to take up to four MS courses while they are working on their undergraduate degree. This adds up to a potential total of 12 credit hours that count towards the 30 credit hours required for a master’s degree. Additionally, three of those courses can replace upper-division undergraduate degree requirements, meaning students aren’t taking a series of additional courses. 

After graduating with an undergraduate degree, students are automatically a part of the master’s program at Leeds, where they can then complete the remaining MS coursework. 

Interested students should talk to their academic advisors during their junior year. All BAM programs at CU require the student to have at least a 3.0 GPA and the completion of all MAPS requirements, although program-specific requirements will also apply. 

What are the additional benefits of the BAM program in Accounting? 

Beyond allowing students to finish their degree in less time, there are several key benefits of the program.

Financial Savings 

Because students are taking up to 12 credit hours of their master’s degree during their undergraduate career, the credits are billed at the undergraduate rate. This means that students are able to save on tuition for close to half of the required MS credits. 

Preparation for the CPA 

Receiving your MS in Accounting or Taxation will prepare you for the CPA. As of the last publication of the AICPA’s pass rates, the CPA exam pass rate for MS Accounting and Taxation students from the Leeds School of Business exceeded the national average by over 10%. 

In Colorado, the CPA requires that you have taken 150 credit hours. By taking accounting courses at both an undergraduate and graduate level, students will be able to meet this requirement. Be sure to work with your academic advisor to ensure you have taken enough credits before graduation. 

Opening new Career Paths 

Many graduates begin careers with public accounting firms in audit, tax or business services. Other students will be able to access careers in information management, tax, consulting, or compliance. Completing an MS in Accounting will also open doors in financial/wealth management, government agencies like the IRS, and non-profit organizations.