Published: March 22, 2022

Exec MBA programs publicationA while back, prospective Executive MBA students everywhere began clamoring for something of a unicorn: They wanted a program with less in-person classes and more flexibility, but they didn’t want to lose meaningful interactions with fellow students and faculty. 

Some schools had already hit upon a solution: the hybrid-style EMBA program. Then, when the pandemic hit, many other schools were forced to develop their own hybrid formats. Many educators think the hybrid is the future of the EMBA. 

Leeds School of Business Executive MBA Program was recently highlighted for its innovative, hybrid-style EMBA program in the global trade magazine by the EMBA Council.

The Leeds EMBA offers a unique delivery format, featuring residency periods in Boulder, the mountains and abroad, allowing students to build strong relationships with their cohort and faculty. Between residencies, world-class faculty provide high-quality online instruction, which provides the flexibility students need to continue meeting the demands of their careers and personal lives. 

Meet two current EMBA students—a doctor and a book author—with very different backgrounds but the same desire for flexibility and community.