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Kirsten Suddath at Flytedesk

3 coworkers - left to right: Kit Summers, Operations Analyst, Kirsten Suddath, VP of Finance & Operations, Alex Kronman, Founder & CEO

Current Job: Vice President of Finance & Operations at Flytedesk

Recent MBA graduate, Kirsten Suddath (´16) shared a few insights about how her education at the Leeds School of Business prepared her for role at Flytedesk, an ad-tech start-up focused on targeting college audiences, with locations in Boulder, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Washington, DC. 

How has your MBA helped you in your career?  
I was involved in start-ups before my MBA, but what I learned through the program has allowed me to accelerate my impact and contribution to Flytedesk. Reflecting back, it's helped me in three main ways:

  1. It has given me a framework to think through the critical decisions that face a young company. When I joined Flytedesk, I was confident because of what I learned through the clubs and classes I was involved with, especially VC Law, E-Finance and VCIC. I even had conversations with my VCIC team when evaluating Flytedesk's business potential!
  2. This won't work for everyone, but broadening my focus areas (marketing, entrepreneurship and finance) worked for me. I knew I wanted to join a start-up post MBA. Having a well-rounded degree prepared me to be that key, early team member who can do it all as Flytedesk hits its high-growth phase. I get to test out all of the theories and apply all of the cases I learned everyday as my job. 
  3. Finally, having the MBA network has been invaluable. It's how I got my job; it's where I turn for support, and it's the source of a lot of fun. 

What advice would you give current MBA students?

You are in an incredible environment. There are great students and professors all around. You have an amazing alumni network, and the business scene in Denver/Boulder is incredible. Take advantage of as much as you can. 

Get to know the people around you. Go out for MBA Thursday Night Out (TNO). Sign up for the best classes and professors you can find. Go for coffee with alumni. Create opportunities outside of class by engaging with clubs like Leeds Social Impact Consultants (LSIC) or the Net Impact Club. You've got one (or two) more years—have fun and make them count!