Published: Sept. 21, 2018

Leeds Net Impact ClubBusiness for profit is one thing, but business for profit and for good? Even better! The Net Impact Club (NIC) at Leeds strives to “mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in their workplaces and the world.”

Beyond their virtuous mission, NIC is unique because it is comprised of several major events and initiatives that take place throughout the year. Their recent kickoff meeting in Koelbel S125 attracted a crowd as the club leadership went over the numerous opportunities to get involved, gain real world experience and make a positive impact through business. ICYMI, let’s do a quick recap!

Selected Upcoming Club Activities

  • Business Treks to Austin, Denver and other local tours
  • Lunch and Learns with keynote speakers
  • Pillars of Greenstreet (A full day immersive workshop focused on giving MBAs the hard skills necessary for a sustainability job)
  • Net Impact Conference in Phoenix
  • Conscious Capitalism Conference

Board Fellows 
Run by Sandy MacDonnell and Brandon Schaefer (pictured below), Board Fellows puts MBA on the board of directors at local nonprofits. You’ll have the ability to shape your experience, have a direct impact on the organization you join and is a excellent networking opportunity in the community. There are several internal leadership opportunities available as well.

Sustainable Business Partners 
This is an MBA consulting activity run in partnership with B Lab to illustrate how to use business to solve social and environmental problems. Carolyn Chandler and Dave Smith run the initiative where students work hand in hand with companies to complete a B Impact Assessment and recommend strategies to improve.

NVC (New Venture Challenge) Social Impact Prize
Involved with the CU New Venture Challenge, this is a specific competition track which focuses on ventures that “incorporate environmental and social responsibility into their business plans.” Carlos E. Peña and Billy Shea hold the reins this year in a opportunity perfect for entrepreneurially-minded MBAs.

Leeds Social Impact Consultants (LSIC)
LSIC is a student-run consulting service that I participated in last year, so I feel particularly qualified to vouch for its awesomeness. Teams of MBAs consult on real world projects with local businesses in a variety of disciplines. For example, my group worked with Eco-Products and Eco-Cycle on a composting study of fast-casual eateries and made recommendations on how to improve waste diversion. Mariah Baerend is coordinating this effort and is expanding the scope of companies and projects.

Net Impact Case Competition (NICC)Leeds Net Impact Club
Hosted by Leeds, the NICC is the premier MBA case competition for social and environmental business challenges. Ryan Quigley and Sonia Prakasam, among many other volunteers, make this robust competition a reality.

That’s What They Said
“We have fantastic resources here at the University and people who are passionate about making an impact. Our goal is basically to connect the business world to these resources and accelerate the sustainability movement” 
David Smith, MBA ‘19

“I am particularly interested in participating in LSIC and Sustainable Business Partners. I really want to go in a direction that I haven’t experienced before and get some experience. I’m really excited!”
-Hannah Ishida, MBA ‘20

Sound Smart
According to the Boulder Economic Council, the city of Boulder has the highest density of B Corporations of any city in America.


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