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MBA Last Lecture BlogOne of our CU Boulder MBA traditions is to hold a “Last Lecture” event to celebrate the graduating class and bring alumni and current students together. This year’s lecture was given by Pete McGraw, a marketing professor and favorite of ours. Pete took a unique approach with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme. You had to be there to hear all his insights—but we’ll share one of his takeaways.

MBA Last Lecture Blog

Create A Chasm:

MBA Last Lecture BlogKicking this mini lesson off was a quote from none other than Ricky Bobby: “If you’re not first, you’re last.”







MBA Last Lecture Blog

Business can be cutthroat, so it is important to create and clearly identify your brand. Pete, with his focus on comedy, described several comedians.





Last, Pete revisited a slide from our first-year Marketing course, which emphasizes the importance of a brand strategy. Are you going to target a small, niche market that loves your product? Or are you going to try to “keep everyone happy” and minimize the lovers/haters?

MBA Last Lecture Blog







A big thank you to Pete for putting together such a great Last Lecture for the Class of 2018!