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Leeds MBA Program Orientation
Leeds MBA Program Orientation
Leeds MBA blog orientation

Each year, the incoming class participates in an intense orientation the week before classes start.  During this time, the incoming class gets a chance to meet each other, faculty, & staff.  Highlights include keynote speakers, information sessions, team building activities, and a community service activity.  This year, orientation also included the solar eclipse!

I had the opportunity to interview several members of our first-year cohort to get their opinions on the program so far:

What is your favorite memory from orientation?

Raj Chitturi: The MBA Association presentation and advice about opportunities within the program.  Also, the solar eclipse! 

Lauren Costantini: The opportunity to meet everyone—1st years and 2nd years—in a very natural setting.  It didn’t feel forced.

Durgesh Singh: Interacting with all different people, I literally got to talk to everyone.  The faculty intros were very impressive.  The MBAA presentations set the tone that we are at the right place.

Lizzy Grater: Listening to the keynote speaker Jason Mendelson was very inspirational.  I loved the second year information session; it got me excited about all the different opportunities to get involved! 


Why did you choose Leeds?

Raj: As an international student, diversity is important, and Leeds seemed to have more diversity in the classroom.  Among international students, there are more students here from a variety of countries. 

Lauren: The real estate program was the biggest selling point for me.  Also, I went to CU for undergrad and had a great experience.

Durgesh: I am very impressed by the diversity at Leeds.  Most students have significant work experience, and the average age is higher than other schools I looked at.    I was also very attracted to the tech community; it is very strong in Boulder.

Lizzy: I was already living in Colorado, and really liked the area.  I wanted to get more connected to the entrepreneurship scene in Boulder, and the Deming Center provides great opportunities to do this.