MBA Association


The charter of the the MBA Association (MBAA) is to maximize the student's experience during their time in the MBA program. The MBAA acts in two distinct ways: 1) as a conduit between the administration, faculty, and MBA students and 2) as a facilitator of extracurricular activities and clubs - both in an effort to fulfill its charter. The MBAA is a group of full-time, 2nd-year MBA students elected during their first year to represent the MBA cohort at large. 

The MBAA is comprised of two core areas: the Executive Committee and Club Leadership.

The Executive Committee manages day-to-day operations of the MBAA and oversees Club Leadership. It consists of the President, Treasurer, VP of Communications, VP of Alumni Relations, VP of Employer Relations, VP of Community Relations, and VP of Social Activities.

The Club Leadership, which develops and implements all MBA club programming events, is a group of individuals elected as president of each MBA club. These clubs include: Leeds Entrepreneurs Association (LEA), Graduate Real Estate Association (GREA), National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA), Finance Club, Global Business Club, Marketing Club, and Net Impact Club. We are also proud to introduce The Leeds Organics & Naturals Club (ON) and the Leeds Outdoor Industry Club (LOIC) in their inaugural year as MBAA sanctioned clubs.



Allie Ahearn


Zack Fleck

VP Community Relations

Jackie Fleming

VP Student Fellowship

Ashley Hemmen

VP Employer Relations

Stephani Carlile

VP Communications

Meghan Radelet

VP Alumni Relations

Kaly Trupp