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My name is Susanna Wright and I’ll be continuing our MBA Blog for the Leeds School of Business for the next academic year.  I moved to Boulder from Ohio in June of 2016.  Before coming back to school full-time, I worked as a plant manager for an animal feed mill.  After spending seven years in the Midwest in plant operations, I was ready for a career—and location—change. 

For me personally, one of the biggest selling points about the Leeds’ MBA Program was the location.  I love being outdoors and had recently gotten interested in backpacking and rock climbing; not exactly ideal hobbies for someone that lives in the middle of cornfields.  Because of this, I only looked at high-caliber MBA programs with mountains, specifically focusing on Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.  Of these programs, Leeds was the best fit for me—it is the #1 ranked MBA program in Colorado, and the 8th oldest business school in the United States.  The campus visit really sold me on the program; the school vibe was relaxed (no one dressed in suits!) but the classroom discussion was intense.

Before starting the program, I took some time off and spent about a month backpacking the Colorado Trail.  It was an amazing experience and a great mental reset to prepare myself for going back to school!

Leeds MBA

Within the program, I’m focusing on a developing my skills for a future career in marketing.  I had the opportunity to work two different internships this past summer, which got me experience at a large non-profit in the tech industry, and in the Organics + Natural’s space at a startup.  Both of these opportunities came from networking throughout the year; I can’t overemphasize how important it is to network.

One thing I’ve learned since coming back to school is that I love planning events and getting people together.  There are so many things that I want to do and experience in Colorado—and since starting the program, I’ve had 90 friends to go on adventures with!  Because of this, the VP of Social Relations was a natural fit for me.  My unofficial (and more embraced title) is the official Fun Captain of the MBA’s.  I’ve been working closely with our MBA Association to plan a variety of events throughout the year to get everyone together.  We’re doing some tried-and-true events, like attending a Rockies game, and also some new ones—like going hiking with llamas!  I’m looking forward to another awesome year and getting to know a new cohort of classmates.