headshot of Faculty Director Brad Werner
Teaching Assistant Professor • Deming Center Teaching Director • Faculty Director of New Venture Launch
Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations • Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

Koelbel - 465B

Brad Werner is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Operations Division at the Leeds School of Business. He is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder focused on impact. Brad has an active career specializing in the energy, technology, real estate, aviation, and hospitality sectors. He sits on the Board of Directors of several companies and actively consults early and midgrowth ventures.

Brad has also been dedicated to reducing the growth of Chicago's homeless and HIV/AIDS population. He worked in concert with Chicago House developing and implementing creative solutions to help alleviate the scourges of homelessness, joblessness, and HIV/AIDS.

He holds his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. His academic focus is on lean startup and agile engineering strategies; helping his students develop enhanced critical thinking skills through experiential learning.