Am I eligible for the Leeds Honors Program?

First-Year Applicants

All first-year applicants are automatically considered for Leeds Honors based on the academic credentials on their admissions application. Please note: Meeting honors eligibility does not guarantee admittance to the Leeds School of Business. Applicants must be directly admitted to the Leeds School to be considered for Leeds Honors. 

Students can qualify for Leeds Honors under the following pathways. Students will be considered for Leeds Honors in the following order: 

1. GPA + Test Score

We first consider GPA + test score. If the GPA on your application is a 3.9 or higher (weighted or unweighted) and you report an ACT of 33+ or an SAT of 1450+, you will be invited to the Honors Program. If you applied with a score and do not meet this criteria, your application will not be considered for any other pathways. If you applied to CU Boulder without a test score, you may qualify under the class rank option below. 

2. GPA + Class Rank

If you didn’t report a test score on your application, we next consider GPA + class rank. If the GPA on your application is a 3.9 or higher (weighted or unweighted) and your school reports you in the top 5% of your graduating class, you will be invited to the Honors Program. If your school provides a class rank and you are not in the top 5%, your application will not be considered for any other pathways. If you applied to CU Boulder without a test score and your high school does not rank, you may qualify under the GPA alone pathway. 

3. GPA Alone

Students without a reported class rank or ACT/SAT score can qualify by falling within the top 5% of admitted students based on the GPA alone (weighted or unweighted). GPA parameters are dependent on the competitiveness of the admit pool and additional consideration may be given for academic rigor, grade consistency, and course selection.

Second Entry

Students who do not start in the Honors Program but achieve a 3.8+ GPA at the end of their first year will be invited to join.

How do I enroll in the Leeds Honors Program?

For incoming first-year students your space in the program will be reserved if you confirm your intent to enroll in Leeds by May 1st. You can opt out of the program by contacting us.

What are the benefits of participating in the Leeds Honors Program?

There are many benefits to the Leeds Honors Program. Here are just a few:

  • Community of like-minded peers
  • Smaller, more rigorous classes with specialized faculty
  • Opportunity to participate in exclusive FGX
  • Honors designation on your official transcript
Can I still participate in the program if I am coming in with a lot of credits and want to graduate in three years?

Absolutely! You can work with your academic advisor to build a plan to graduation that will include your required Honors courses.

Can I participate in other programs like the Leeds Scholars Program, the Arts & Sciences Honors Program or the President’s Leadership Class?

Yes. In fact, many Leeds Honors students do participate in a number of select academic groups on campus.

What is the GPA policy for the Honors Program?

To remain in good standing with Honors, students must maintain a 3.6 or higher cumulative GPA. If a student drops below a 3.6 cumulative GPA, they will be placed on Honors probation for the following semester. In order to return to good standing in the Honors Program, the student must raise their cumulative GPA to 3.6 or above.

At the end of the probationary semester, the student's record will be reviewed again to determine their standing in the Honors program.

  • If the cumulative GPA is 3.60 or above, the student will remain in the program in good standing.
  • If the cumulative GPA remains below 3.60 but the student earns at least a 3.60 term GPA, they will be allowed one additional semester of probation.
  • If the cumulative GPA remains below 3.60 and the student does not earn a minimum 3.60 term GPA, they will be removed from the Honors program.

Please reach out to the Honors Program Manager, Danielle Young, with any questions about this policy.