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Shelley Russell standing infront of water

Shelley Russell has been working as a personal trainer since 1996. Two years ago she founded ZONAFIT to make workouts more simple, convenient, and enjoyable.


“Whether you are at work, traveling, or simply want to work out at home, ZONAFIT will meet all of your fitness needs! Virtual classes offer everything required to be fit and healthy from upper and lower body and core muscle workouts to cardio training (with the option of LIVE heart rate display!), all provided in a time-efficient, cost-effective, convenient and fun manner!”

Since Shelley joined COventure Forward, she has learned a lot about digital marketing. Her mentor gave positive reinforcement and encouraged her to keep building her business.

“The main thing I remember he told me is that the most successful business owners are passionate about their business. I love fitness and I think I have a good product, so that keeps me doing what I'm doing.”

With how much she enjoys her program, Shelley tells us she’s unlikely to ever go back to a regular gym—hot yoga, hiking, and mountain biking are still in her regimen. Lastly, she wants to give a shout-out to

“My husband, Dave, who has supported me since the beginning. And all of my clients whose testimonials are on my website!”

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