CoVenture Forward WordmarkOur mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses through these challenging times.

We’re creating ways to support businesses through mentors, insights from our faculty, and through student support on projects through our micro-internship program.

Armed with quality guidance and education, entrepreneurs can move their business forward, and come out the other side stronger as both individuals and members of our collective community.

We are here to support you - get started by clicking on the link below.

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Thank you!  I was feeling so distraught and things turned around with your email and help. I want to thank you infinitely. Because of you, I feel so touched, so lucky and blessed.  I received a reachout from 4 people/mentors!  ~Mentee Participant

Each mentor was very helpful in sharing their specific expertise and diverse view in regard to my questions. I’m really grateful for the network of support! ~Mentee Participant

For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Whether you’re a small business owner or the founder of a high-growth startup, these are trying times. And it’s during these trying times that quick support and feedback from seasoned, battle-hardened mentors can make all the difference in your business operations.

By clicking the “Apply Now” button below, you’ll gain access to the collective strength and assets of Colorado-based universities, and our all-star cast of mentors and faculty that can help you navigate the current business environment.

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Deming center small business support

For Mentors

    If you’re a seasoned business owner, your community needs you!
    Now more than ever, our shared business community here in Colorado needs help. As with any downturn, small business owners and entrepreneurs are working hard to keep the lights on and minimize the impact to their employees. It’s scary, particularly when you’re not sure if the decisions you’re making are the right ones. That’s where quality mentorship can help.
    If you’ve led through an economic downturn, dealt with layoffs, secured government assistance, or just want to lend a hand however you can, please sign up by clicking the button below.

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    • Micro-internship program

      We're thrilled to announce this program where CU students can help on projects ranging from 10 hours to months. Employers are able to tap into a talent-rich pool of CU students to complete vital company projects. Additionally, it is a low-risk way to develop a pipeline of potential future hires. For students, they can demonstrate their skills, explore careers and build their professional networks. For full information on the next micro-internship cycle in October, click here.

    • List of Resources
    • Faculty Insights


    Check out our FAQ for more details.



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