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Chelsea Hackett dressed as a butterfly at a community event

“Vocal Empowerment is the ability to express yourself the way you want to in any context.”

Chelsea Hackett co-founded SPEAK, a non-profit with the mission of supporting young women in using their voices for self and civic advocacy. They have been running programs since 2012 and were formally established in 2018.

“We run programs locally here in Boulder and then train educators across the globe to localize our methods for their communities. We support young people in speaking about issues that are important to them including climate change, creating a culture of consent, disrupting microaggressions, and more!”

While Chelsea is an expert organizer, she joined COventure Forward for assistance with communications and finding corporate sponsors. As we work to connect her with our own network of mentors, we’d like to share her words to our community:

“We still need help with communications and development. We love the idea of mentorship, AND are really looking for someone who has the capacity to join our team as a development director. We are currently forming our board and are looking for community members who are able to share their skills to expand the work we are doing! Please contact us at or check out our website at if this is something that interests you!”

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