Published: Dec. 8, 2021
Brian Saeger

When serene order seems like an impossible fantasy, why not call in an expert? If you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, Brian is essentially The Wolf—Although, he won’t help you cover up a murder. For 14 years, Be Free Organizing has been turning clutter into clarity when people need it most. Brian details his organization, “We specialize in helping people through life's big transitions such as moving elderly into assisted living, helping a family when a loved one passes, and helping realtors and homeowners get homes ready for the market. There are a ton of things that need to be done before one needs to call the movers and that is where we step in and roll our sleeves up.”

In a fitting manner, Brian has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to reorganize. He joined COventure Forward for guidance in building the back end of his business. Brian elaborates on his experience, “It gave me confidence and reassurance that taking this time to invest in building the business while it's been slow is a good idea. Oddly enough, once I really put my head down and got into it, I saw that we are achieving record months, even during the pandemic.”

When asked about what he’s learned from his mentor, Janet Eden-Harris, Brian described his experience, “This project is bigger than me and if I want to grow as much as I do, I've needed to hire help. I cannot do everything alone and I've come a long way. I hired back-end staff and five form workers for the fieldwork.”

The COventure Forward team is extremely proud of every small business that has participated in our program and we acknowledge that it is a long road ahead for many of you. That’s why we love tapping into the wider CVF community. Brian wants to grow his company into a mid-sized business. So what does he still need help with? Brian elaborates on his challenges,

“The biggest hurdle we are facing is that people simply don't know we exist. It's a young industry and what we are doing within the industry isn't really a thing yet. We are focusing on marketing, exposure, strategies for branching into new markets across state borders. We are always looking for talented people who love to work hard, thrive on being of service, and want to help see this vision grow. We are also partnering with nonprofits on the front range that are on the frontlines helping domestic violence victims, men released from prison and reintegrating into society, and a couple of other organizations. We take our business donations to those in need and the funds are distributed to the front line workers and organizations.”

Brian also wanted to give thanks to those who have helped him along the way, “Hands down, my shoutouts are to my staff who has the hardest work ethic and drive to be of service. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am.”

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