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Get Seed Funding (GSF) is a micro-funding opportunity for CU Boulder undergraduate and graduate students. While providing up to $500 in funding for entrepreneurial ideas in the making, GSF accepts applications on a rolling basis each semester. We sat down with Henry Kvietok, leader of the GSF committee, to discuss how GSF wrapped up the 2020 fall semester. Henry and his team organize weekly pitch nights and offer feedback and networking opportunities to student entrepreneurs, in addition to funding. GSF Committee

Henry explained that he got involved with GSF because he loves giving students the opportunity to experiment with entrepreneurship,

“I think that it is a great way to learn outside of the classroom, and I consider myself lucky to be part of the program. I also love hearing pitches and seeing what amazing things people are doing at CU Boulder.”

Impact of COVID-19

This year looked a little different for GSF due to COVID-19. All of their pitches had to be conducted over Zoom as opposed to their usual in person events. Given the circumstances, GSF was still able to have an amazing semester! Henry shared some amazing highlights with us:

GSF had a total of 15 pitchers from 6 different colleges at CU Boulder and were able to award eight of these teams! From rocket propulsion systems to custom lamp businesses, GSF is always looking for new innovations.  

Henry gives a lot of credit to his team and recognizes that he couldn’t have done this without his fellow GSF members: Ciro (Jack) Santaniello, Umar Haroon, and Shierry Lopez-Itomura. He also wants to thank their faculty advisor, George Douaire, for all his help in making this semester a success!

ShineOnCheck out some of the GSF 2020 recipients here

How To Get Involved

As mentioned above, GSF accepts applications on a rolling basis (anytime during the fall or spring semester). If you are interested in pitching your idea or would like more information about this awesome micro-funding opportunity, visit the GSF website here!





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