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groupI'm so fortunate to be leading our Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa program. Fifty student consultants from U.S. universities and the University of Western Cape form teams and consult with disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the townships around Cape Town. We have one goal: to make the biggest difference possible in the lives of our entrepreneurs. 

Most are surviving on less than a few dollars a day to support themselves and their families. But don't feel sorry for them. They burst with eternal hope and optimism to uplift their communities through the entrepreneurial path. This year's clients range from a bakery to a security company to a laundromat to an innovative Grow Box where families can grow organic vegetables in their shacks. We teach our students consulting skills along with the entrepreneurial toolset. They then spend 6 weeks working tirelessly to apply what they're learning to help their entrepreneurs. 

They make a real difference. And along the way are transformed themselves. To be of service and help historically disadvantaged people is an amazing gift. And an impactful learning experience. And a lifetime of inspiration…

Click here to learn more about the Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa program.

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