Executive Director • Adjunct Professor
Deming Center for Entrepreneurship • Strategy • Entrepreneurship and Operations

Koelbel - 302E

Erick Mueller has helped businesses grow throughout his career. He started his career with DOT First Aid & Safety where he was promoted from a student intern to Vice President. He helped the organization grow from $2.2 million in annual sales to over $5 million in two years. Fresh from this experience, he founded Vision Co., a corporate training and consulting organization. As CEO and President, he grew the business to over $300,000 in annual revenue. Mueller then co-founded and was Vice President of Sales for, an interactive Web service. He created the new selling process and led its growth to over 10,000 customers.

Mueller also co-founded Real Measure and EyeThink Corp., computer-based instrumentation businesses. He successfully negotiated and sold EyeThink Corp. to a Fortune 50 company. Currently, Mueller is Chairman and co-founder of Funovation, which creates heart-pounding addictive attractions that require brain and brawn. He has led the company from an idea to over 180 locations throughout 21 countries. Funovation has been awarded a Top Colorado Company to Watch and a Top Boulder County Company.

In addition, Mueller is an award winning Adjunct Professor and Director of the Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Program at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he has been rated by students among the top MBA instructors. He leads a Global Seminar each summer, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa, helping disadvantaged businesses in the Townships. Mueller also helps with the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, helping disabled military veterans start businesses.

A few years ago, Mueller developed The Tour de Happiness, a documentary exploring happiness. He also traveled to New Zealand and Australia, which included an appointment as Entrepreneur in Residence at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Michigan University and holds an MBA magna cum laude from The University of Colorado Boulder.