Program Overview

The Dean’s Fellows Program was created in 2018 to provide opportunities for growth for top students at Leeds. It is the selective enrichment program for high-achieving students where the students work closely with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Leeds.  The original name was “Dean’s Leadership Fellows” and changed to “Dean’s Fellows” in 2022 under Dean Kornish. 

The Dean’s Fellows take classes together in their first two years at Leeds. Most students choose to maintain their affiliation throughout their four years of college. In doing that, they stay connected to their cohort and the Associate Dean and have unique opportunities for professional and personal development.

Required Program Elements

The required program elements include a retreat and three courses.

The retreat is a weekend trip, usually to a mountain town, scheduled for the start of fall semester in the first year.

In the first semester at Leeds, Fellows take Designing Your Leeds (BADM 1250) with the Associate Dean and the Director of Undergraduate Student Services.

In the second semester at Leeds, Fellows take First Year Global Experience (BADM 1260) together. This course includes a short international trip. The trip is required. Financial support for the Fellows covers about 25% of the cost of the trip. Additional need-based financial support is available.

In the third semester at Leeds, Fellows take Internship Accelerator (BADM 3200) with the Associate Dean.

In subsequent semesters, Fellows are invited to participate in events for academic, professional, and personal growth. There are minimum participation requirements of a few events per semester to maintain good standing as a Fellow.

Apply to the Dean’s Fellows

The application for the Fall 2024 cohort of the Dean’s Fellows program is now open! Please use the link below to access the application. The program will be filled on a rolling admissions basis with applications considered until the program reaches capacity. 

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