The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Track focuses on values-based practices at the of organizations. This track identifies how business professionals can promote responsible corporate governance practices to create lasting positive social impact. The track will introduce students to values-based decision making and business practices. Students will learn about SRS practices across different functions of a business organization and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge though projects, case studies, competitions, and examination of current business practices. Course work in leadership and governance will provide students with skills and knowledge to create positive social impact in an organization. Students will be prepared to provide practical solutions for the social and environmental complexities of modern business.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Track Career and Advising Guide

Four-Year Plans

Career Opportunities 

After completing the track, students may find opportunities as sustainability consultants, CRS reporting officers, sustainability auditors, sustainability officers and managers, environmental and risk managers, ESG investment analysts, socially responsible investment fund managers, sustainable operations project managers, supply chain managers, and green marketing strategists, among others. Social Responsibility & Sustainability students may also participate in the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility’s (CESR) Career Trek, where students meet directly with executives from high-solvency businesses with a strong presence in social impact activities, social responsibility practices and programs, and significant sustainability initiatives. Ongoing career support for SRS students is available through CESR’s bi-weekly Impact Business newsletter featuring internship, job and research opportunities.

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