The area of emphasis in Business Analytics focuses on the exciting and fast-growing field of big data. This interdisciplinary area of emphasis teaches students how to translate data into strategic business decisions. The coursework integrates marketing and customer analytics with operations research, information management, and statistical methods. This technical, quantitative and statistically intensive curriculum prepares students to excel in the field of business analytics.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Business Analytics area of emphasis, students find opportunities that may depend on the chosen elective courses. Examples of positions and career opportunities for graduates with business analytics knowledge and skills include Management Consultant, Data Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Project Manager, Operations Manager, and Supply Chain Manager.

Required Courses

There are five required courses in the Business Analytics track. All courses are for 3 credits unless indicated otherwise.

  • BAIM 3200 Business Analytics
  • MKTG 3050 Customer Analytics
  • BAIM 3205 Business Data Management
  • MGMT 4820 Decision Analytics
  • BAIM 4065 Leadership in the Digital Age (Capstone)

In addition, students in the Business Analytics track must complete one of the following courses:


  • BAIM 3220 Introduction to Python Programming
  • MKTG 3350 Marketing Research and Analytics
  • MKTG 3700 Digital Marketing
  • MGMT 4110 Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 4120 Managing Business Processes
  • MGMT 4500 Enterprise intelligence Systems

You can find academic policies for Leeds School of Business by visiting our Academic Advising academic requirements page.

You can find the most current Four-Year Plans that outline the required coursework for the Business Analytics Track at the Leeds School of Business by visiting our Academic Advising Four-Year Plan's page.