CU Real Estate International Advisory Board 2019

The CU Real Estate Program vastly benefits from a powerful group of industry supporters. The International Advisory Board provides counsel, curriculum advice, mentorships, industry insights and career opportunities for the program. This invitation-only board commits significant resources to support the academic and co-curricular work of the center.

Mission & Vision

Launched by the industry, for the industry, in the 1980s, the CU Real Estate Council has deep roots in Colorado’s real estate legacy and leverages a powerful relationship with the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. Positioned to be one of the world’s top real estate centers, the Council’s mission is to be a prominent property-sector resource through industry research, networking, knowledge sharing and preparation of the next generation of innovative community-building leaders.

Pillar I - Lifelong Learning and Career Advancement

There are 5 committee groups aligned with achieving our objective for lifelong learning and career advancment.  These committee groups include Annual Forum, Golf Tournament, Events & Advancement, Membership and Alumni.

  • Engage Council Members
  • ROI for Membership
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Careers for Students/Alumni
  • Increase Membership from newest Alumni

Pillar II - Academic Excellence

The Center has 2 committee groups - Education and Internship & Placement, which are dedicated to academic excellence.

  • Engage Council Members
  • Win Case Competitions
  • Student Engagement
  • Mentorships

Pillar III - Thought Leadership

We have 3 committee groups - International, Nominating and Research who are actively working to provide Thought Leadership to our program.

  • Engage Council Members
  • ROI for Membership
  • Broaden reach and impact

IAB Membership Directory

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