Case Competitions Based on Real-World Opportunities in Real Estate!

Sherman Miller Case Competition Winners - State 2021

Undergraduate Case Competitions offer students the opportunity to work through real life, real estate specific problems and then present their finding in front of a panel of industry judges.  A typic case might be a plot of land either locally or elsewhere that has been purchased by a developer with the intent to re-devlop and/or re-purpose already exisiting buildings.  

The voluntary extracurricular class, taught by Prof. Curtis Sears during a semester teaches students how to analyze an actual commercial real estate transaction, rendering a recommendation, and providing a presentation of their analysis and proposal. This cumulates with teams selected to compete in a competiton, albeit internal, state, national and international.

Why Compete? 

- Benefit from learning opportunities designed to prepare you to thrive in the industry.

- Networking/connections with real estate judges

- Add relevant experience to your resume public

- Real world talking points to highlight during job interviews

- Completition of this experience is highly respected by commercial real estate professionals - leads to future employment opportunities!

Case Competitions

The competition (internal, state, national or international) is the culmination of the voluntary extracurricular, semester long classes.  It involves an intensive period of analysis preparation by the students and a full day(s) of presentations.  Teams are judged on their investment recommendations, approach to the problems, and presentation skills.  Judges in the competition are real estate executives representing top companies in the industry.

The judges evaluation includes teams who can demonstrate a keen eye for strong financial data, justification for assumptions, and a measurable, visible social impact.


Voluntary Extracurricular Case Class:

  • Instructor led class on Wednesdays through Fall/Spring semester by Prof. Curtis Sears
  • Supported by the Real Estate Center - Michael Kercheval, Executive Director - CUREC
  • Workshops from industry experts (Alumni) - Danny Goldman and Joshua Siegel - example "How to Successfully Manage a Investment Deal"
  • Soft skills presentation workshop - Denee Janda (CU Boulder)
  • This is a non-credit class
  • Must have completed REAL 3000 Principles of Real Estate Class with B or above.


Want to sign up to the Real Estate Case Competition?

Please email Curtis Sears diretly to learn more 

Fall 2021 Case Competitions

The Bascom Group
Undergraduate Real Estate Case Competition

  • Internal competition
  • Guest Judges - TBC
  • CU Boulder - Room TBC
  • Friday 3rd December 2021
  • Prize Money - TBC

8th Annual Sherman Miller Real Estate Case Competition

  • CO State competition between Denver University, Colorado State University and CU Bolder
  • Guest Judges - TBC
  • 2021 will be held at CSU
  • Friday 12th November
  • Prize Money - TBC

Cornell International Case Competition

  • International competition - TBC
  • Date - TBC
  • Prize Money - TBC
  • Website

Spring 2022 Case Competitions

The Bascom Group
Undergraduate Real Estate Case Competition

  • Internal competition
  • Guest Judges - TBC
  • CU Boulder - Room TBC
  • Date - TBC

7th Cornell & ICSC International Retail Real Estate Case Competition

  • Usually mid April 2022
  • Held in Ithaca, NY

VillaNova University Mulroy Real Estate Challenge

  • Usually mid March 2022
  • Held in Philadelphia