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Speaking on Corporate Social Responsibility has become a passion and the Certificate in CSR (CCSR) program has empowered me as an informational leader and educator to my peers. - Dr. Glyne A. Griffith II

Dr. Glyne Griffin head of DE&I at SiriusXMDr. Glyne A. Griffith II, Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at SiriusXM, which includes Pandora and Stitcher, came to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through an unconventional path. Glyne started his career at General Motors as a software engineer and eventually transitioned into a product manager role. In his second job, at Nissan, he moved from engineering to marketing and advertising. He also served as ambassador to United Way for his team. As he moved into other marketing and advertising roles after leaving Nissan, Griffith took on responsibility for creating multicultural marketing campaigns and materials which got him thinking about CSR. In 2020, Glyne earned his Certificate in CSR from Leeds, which gave him additional tools and built his network. Today, Griffith plays a key role in the strategic planning and execution of company-wide DE&I initiatives at SiriusXM, and weaves CSR into all aspects of his work.

Focusing on Impact

Glyne enrolled in CCSR to further his knowledge of the field. Specific topics he has found especially useful include how to pitch CSR internally and externally, diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, and how to apply ESG to business practices. The live guest speakers giving hands-on, practical advice was especially impactful. 

The impact of the course did not stop with the curriculum for Glyne. He highlights a few qualitative aspects of the course that enhanced his experience including the culture of the group, openness to trading ideas, the benefits of an intimate “no-pressure” environment, the collective attitude of “self-declared change makers”, and applicability of the program content across career paths. 


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One of the things that I appreciated most about the CCSR program is the fact that I was able to immediately integrate practices, insights, and learnings from the program into my work at SiriusXM.

Dr. Glyne A. Griffith II

He puts a high value on the relationships he has curated over his career and lifetime, spanning multiple industries and firms, and says his participation in the course expanded his circle by creating a new network for him to tap into. A year later he has maintained communication with CCSR classmates and other alumni of the program.

Griffith describes his feelings about the course as "grateful" because it has already impacted his career. He has even connected some of his company leadership with Pete Dignan, the CCSR instructor. 

DE&I and CSR connect

When describing his 2018 move to Dallas to work at SiriusXM, Glyne credits the technical skills he learned early on in his career for his success. As Senior Manager of DE&I, he is a key contributor to the conception and execution of a company-wide monthly webinar series hosted by the DE&I team that educates and empowers employees, covering a range of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, terms, and concepts. He also oversees SiriusXM’s employee resource groups which provide support, visibility, and empowerment to Women, People of Color, Veterans, the LGBTQIA+ community, those who are differently-abled, and allies at the company.  Another important aspect of his position includes creating company-wide communications to celebrate, educate, and increase cultural awareness surrounding special observances throughout the year. Some of these include Black History Month, Women's History Month, Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Military Appreciation Month, Junteenth, LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, Gospel Music Heritage Month, Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, Disability Employment Awareness Month, Native American Heritage Month, Diwali, and Veterans Day.

Glyne sees his DE&I work as part of the current CSR movement. He is happy that the resources, education, and cultural awareness CSR provides for business units is so highly sought after and he is an unashamed advocate for CSR.  

Combining personal passions and work 


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I truly believe that I am the best version of myself when I have the opportunity to incorporate my passions into my career.

Dr. Glyne A. Griffith II

Glyne's electrical engineering degree from Florida A&M/Florida State University College of Engineering was a great jumping-off point for his career, but it did not capture his full personality. He loves songwriting, performing, and has an affinity for arts and entertainment. Glyne now looks for ways to combine his interests. He believes his ability to be artistic and use technical skills at the same time is what makes him effective as a business person in entertainment.

Dr. Glyne Griffin CSR championLiving in Nashville during the intermediate years of his career, Glyne met and collaborated with members of the entertainment industry, and experienced extraordinary opportunities to lean into his passion for inspirational music. He was grateful to have original songs that he wrote featured on a #1 Billboard Gospel album. He also secured a music distribution deal and served as an executive producer for a project featuring inspirational artists from around the world, with all proceeds going to charity.

Glyne also relishes his current role in planning virtual DE&I-themed events, featuring renowned guests from the world of politics and entertainment who have impacted employees as well as subscribers and listeners of SiriusXM. Notable guests have included Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, award-winning actress Phylicia Rashad, Juneteenth matriarch Opal Lee, actor and disability advocate RJ Mitte, of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” fame, and multi Grammy-award-winning artist Kirk Franklin to name a few. His career has been and continues to be a reflection of the overarching goal he holds most important; the relentless pursuit of passion, which gives purpose to all that follows.

Lifelong learner and contributor

Throughout his career, Glyne has had an attitude of continual personal growth. He holds multiple academic and professional degrees as well as certifications.

Outside of the office, Glyne participates in the Dallas Symphony Chorus and is a member of the first cohort of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Leadership Development Program. The program advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts and prepares its members for service on nonprofit boards within the arts. Griffith believes leadership in the community is just as important as in business. 


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Looking forward, my goal is to continue to leverage my expertise, experience, and education to positively impact lives and communities.

Dr. Glyne A. Griffith II

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