The MBA Class Ambassador program is designed to build excitement, encourage participation and create awareness to help support and promote engagement with the Leeds School of Business. 


The purpose of the MBA Class Ambassador program is to increase the number of MBA Alumni involved with Leeds; donating their time, talent and treasure. 

What is a Class Ambassador: 

The Class Ambassador serves as a link from his or her class to Leeds, and vice versa. The Ambassador is the volunteer who helps increase his or her class's awareness about the needs of School, and maintains a peer-to-peer relationship within his or her class. 

How much time does a MBA Ambassador require: 

The MBA Class Ambassador's time requirements are few compared with the difference they will make for the Leeds School of Business. We estimate that the position will require no more than one hour each month. 


  • Lead by example and make a gift to a Leeds fund that is of interest to you
  • Contact fellow alumni (classmates or peers) of your choosing in an effort to educate alumni on volunteer, philanthropic, event opportunities and professional development opportunities
  • Attend the summer social with other Ambassadors + MBA Board Members, when applicable
  • Become a LeedsLink member to add a social component to your outreach

Want to get involved: 

Contact Heather Hanson, Sr. Director of Alumni Engagement, at