General Eligibility Questions

You can apply and be conditionally admitted assuming successful completion of this course prior to the start of the upcoming term.

Yes, but you will need the off-campus pre-requisite to be approved by Course taken must be comparable to a pre-approved CU math reasoning course. Please refer to our pre-approved list found on the Application webpage.

Yes. Students who have earned a 3 or better on an AP statistics or calculus exam have met the pre-requisite.

Yes. Students who have earned a 4 or better on an IB math exam have met the pre-requisite.

Yes! Our summer foundation courses are taught remotely and online, and our summer track and capstone are taught remotely. They move at 3x the pace of our academic year courses, so keep that in mind when mapping out your summer plans. Please be aware that if you choose to enroll in summer courses, you will be charged summer tuition. Contact the Bursar's Office if you have questions about cost. 

Yes, BCOR 2201/02 can transfer in as BUSM 2010/11, and BCOR 2203/04 can transfer in as BUSM 2020/21.

Yes. Spring applicants may apply for the Global Track through Education Abroad while concurrently applying for spring Business Minor admission. You will receive your admission responses for both opportunities at roughly the same time (mid October). The Education Abroad office works closely with us to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements, so if you're accepted into the Business Minor your chances of being accepted in the Global Track are high, unless there are more applicants than spots available. In that case, the decision is based on your interview performance with the Global Track instructor. Questions? Email

Yes! You may schedule a time to connect in person or via Zoom with Zach Johnson at

First-Year & Transfer Student Questions

You need a CU GPA to apply. This means the earliest you can apply is second semester freshman year for sophomore year entry. The one exception to this rule is for those who arrive to campus with sophomore standing because of significant AP/IB transfer credit.

Yes, you are welcome to submit an application as early as your first semester on campus. 

As long as you've earned at least 12 credits of transfer coursework you can apply now using your GPA from your previous institution.

Transfer students are often trying to catch up on credits or program requirements, which is why they receive priority in the admission process. Freshman coming in with credit, on the other hand, are often at an advantage and have ample time to complete Business Minor coursework. Historically, first-semester freshman have not been eligible to apply, however, we recognize there are many high acheiving first-years who want to start as soon as possible, and we want to welcome those students as space allows. 

If you took a course in marketing, management, accounting or finance and it transferred into CU Boulder as BCOR 2201, BCOR 2202, BCOR 2203 or BCOR 2204, we will accept it towards the Minor. These transfer credits should automatically apply. 

Post Acceptance Questions

No. There is no tuition increase for adding the Business Minor to your academic plan.

Please 'Defer Admission' if you don't intend to take BUSM courses in the coming semester. Our survey will allow you to select your preferred start term so that we can reserve a spot for you.

In this case, please 'Accept Admission' so that you are guarunteed a spot. Should you learn at a later date that its best for you to defer enrollment, please email us at so that we can reserve a spot for you in the following term.

It takes approximately two weeks after acceptance for the BUSM-MIN distinction to be added to your academic record. We will work swiftly to add this to your record so that you're able to enroll in BUSM courses by the time your course registration window opens.

In your first semester you will need to enroll in the first six Business Minor credits (BUSM 2010/2011 and BUSM 2020/2021), and in your second semester you'll need to enroll in the last six credits (BUSM 30XX and BUSM 4010). The foundation courses (2000-level) must be completed before moving on to the track and capstone courses (3000 and 4000-level).

Please do not reapply. If you deferred admission we have already reserved a spot for you in the following term. Simply be on the lookout for an email before next semesters' course registration period with details on Business Minor enrollment.

Please do not reapply. Being waitlisted means you meet the eligibility requirements and we have already reserved a spot for you in the following term. Simply be on the lookout for an email before next semesters' course registration period with details on your Business Minor enrollment.

No. If you’ve been waitlisted this means we cannot accommodate any more students at this time. You will need to wait until you’ve rolled off the waitlist to gain Business Minor course access.

You must successfully complete the math pre-requisite before beginning the program. If you have time in your academic plan (minor takes minimum two semesters to complete,) you may defer admission while completing another math reasoning course.

Please refer to our Opportunities webpage for a general overview. Once you begin the minor you will receive a weekly newsletter which will highlight all upcoming opportunities available to you.

Students who complete their CU Boulder degree and Business Minor with at least a 3.0 GPA may be auto-admitted into a Leeds MS degree. For details, please visit the MS Programs webpage or contact Nathan Holt. (This benefit does not apply to MBA programs.)