Welcome to Leeds

A Leeds business education will teach you how organizations function and what you can do to contribute to its success. We realize you may have some preconceived notions about business - it’s only for people who are good with numbers, only for those who care about making a profit, etc. - when in reality, learning business is about gaining practical skills: problem solving, teamwork, public speaking, data analysis and more. In addition, business knowledge expands your understanding of opportunities across fields and can help you determine where you fit best.

There's a reason we say learning to speak the language of business with confidence opens doors. Becoming an Engineer? Business will teach you how to successfully lead a team. Studying the Arts? Business will teach you how to profitably market yourself. Pursuing medicine? Business will teach you how to one day run your own burgeoning practice. And the list of opportunities goes on. Join our thriving Business Minor community to develop career-ready skills and future growth potential in your chosen industry.


Virtual Info Sessions

Click on "Virtual Info Session" to access Zoom link on designated event days. All three events are open to everyone, however our second session is geared towards those in The Arts (studio art, music, film, design, etc.), and our third session is for those especially interested in Entrepreneurship. We look forward to connecting with you!

Emmanuel Business Minor Student
Emmanuel, Psychology

Emmanuel is pairing his psychology and law interests with the Business Minor to discover new ways of applying his skills. He is considering a joint MBA/JD and is using the Minor to figure out what kind of law to study. "[The Innovation class] helped with how to manage teams and how I manage myself within teams, and it's also given me this passion for leadership and character development."

Paula a Business Minor Student
Paula, Civil Engineering

Paula chose CU Boulder because of the opportunity to pursue the "crossover" between engineering and business: "What I'd really like to do in my career is not just design for a problem and come up with a solution, but also make it happen... to do that you need to understand markets, the money behind it and the incentives people have - that's why I chose to do the Business Minor."

Kelsey, Sociology

Kelsey sought out career support from Leeds' Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility and landed an internship with local natural foods startup, Jahmu. Her advice for new Business Minors? "There is so much opportunity to network within Leeds and follow your career path - take advantage of it!"