The End the Gap Initiative, launched in February 2017, aims to create gender parity across all CU business programs by the year 2020. The initiative is designed to encourage more women to pursue undergraduate and graduate business degrees. The campaign works to shift the conversation around gender in the business field – closing the gap in business education and ultimately in the C-suite.

Why Does Gender Parity Matter?

Key Findings (McKinsey and Company. Women Matter: Ten Years of Insights on Gender Diversity, 2017). 

  • Globally, women generate 37 percent of global GDP despite accounting for 50 percent of the global working-age population.
  • 240 million workers would be added to the world’s labor force in 2025 by closing the gender gap in the economy
  • Closing the gender gap in education improves women's chances of making it to the top

Visit: Women Matter: Ten Years of Insights on Gender Diversity to read the whole report.

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