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David GriffinMBA Spotlight: David Griffin (MBA´20)

Hometown: Davidson, North Carolina

Current MBA student, David Griffin, shares how he landed at the Leeds School of Business and why the program was at the top of his list for graduate school.

Leeds School of Business: Tell us about your decision to pursue your MBA. What factors, motivations, etc. did you weigh?

DG: It was all about timing. I’ve known ever since my undergrad that I wanted to get an MBA. After five years of work experience, I saw the ceiling. I had experience with large and small company culture, and I felt like the time was right.

LSOB: What was the scope of your search? Did you look at programs nationally, regionally, both?

DG: I narrowed down my search quite a bit. It came down to DU and Leeds, but at first, I had also considered Tuck and Chapel Hill.

LSOB: Why did you choose Leeds?

DG: Once I was accepted, I knew it was where I wanted to be. The Centers of Excellence really stood out to me, especially the Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making, which was related to the work I had been doing. My background is in consumer research. I saw lots of opportunities at Leeds to expand my career. I could apply my background differently and take the next step up in leadership with a degree.

Also, the proximity to Denver and the tech companies and startups that are here. There are so many opportunities in the area.

LSOB: Tell us a few of the things you like about the MBA program at Leeds.

DG: The classes are deeper than you’d get in a business undergraduate program. What I’m learning is very applicable to the business world. We analyze real data in my accounting class, for example. You would never expect that concepts overlap and combine the way they do. I’m glad it’s so real.

LSOB: It’s your first year in the program, but do you have goals already in mind for after you complete your MBA?

DG: One of my goals after graduation is to work for one of Boulder’s new ventures. And, I want to make an impact on the world.

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